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About Us

Coming up. In a big way.


Peeple Inc. is not a thousand people. We’re not a hundred either, and we’re proud of it. While we’re a small team, our size pales in comparison to the depth of our business experience, people knowledge, passion for career growth, and our relentless determination to have customers become raving fans of the services we provide.

Bespoke. Custom. Handmade. Artisanal; that might be how we describe ourselves, but we’re not in the tailoring business. We’re proud to be in the People Business. Call it “strategic talent management”, “people resources”, or “human capital management”, we know what makes people tick. Helping companies find perfectly-matched people, and assisting company teams in becoming industry-leading over-achievers by facilitating strategic people selection, training, and development. Our primary “why” is to help people find and excel in their best team environments.

We help companies build and develop world-class teams and help individuals find ideal work environments that fulfill their career and life needs. Our deeply-held belief is that every single person is ultimately better at something than someone else, and that people are truly any company’s most important asset. Our mission, therefore, is to help all of our partners reach beyond their grasp and help bring people together to create the “best fit” for all involved.


Robert Hunt
President & Founder

Peeple Inc. headquarters are in the historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.

Peeple Inc. headquarters are in the historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.



So, What do you do?


1. Talent Management.


Comprising Executive Recruitment, Handbook and Policy Development, Career Transition/Outplacement Services, Organizational Design, Strategic Planning, Compensation Advisory, and general HR Advisory services. 


2. Training.


With a modern and constantly updated set of curricula, we strive to bring the most impactful and relevant topics to teams and groups. We champion training around the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Conflict, Team Dynamics, Sales, Time Management, Feedback and more, including bespoke curriculum development. 


3. Team Development.


We believe that building a world-class team often begins with a leader, and our Team Development offerings are headlined by our Executive Coaching services and include group retreat design and annual planning.