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Coming up. In a big way.


Peeple Inc is not a thousand people. We’re not even 10, at least not yet. But what we lack in size, we make up for in our depth of business experience, people knowledge, our deep passion for career growth, and our relentless determination to deliver quality services and results.

Bespoke. Custom. Handmade. Artisanal; that might be how we describe ourselves, but we’re not in the tailoring business. We’re proud to be in the People Business. Call it “strategic talent management”, “people resources”, or “human capital management”, we know what makes people tick. Helping companies find perfectly-matched people, and assisting company teams in becoming industry-leading over-achievers by facilitating strategic people selection, training, and development. Our primary “why” is to help people find and excel in their best team environments.

We help companies build industry-leading teams and help individuals find ideal work environments that fulfill their career and life needs. Our deeply-held belief is that every single person is ultimately better at something than someone else, and that people are truly any company’s most important asset. Our mission, therefore, is to help all of our partners reach beyond their grasp and help bring people together to create the “best fit” for all involved.

Robert Hunt


Robert Hunt
President & Founder

 Peeple Inc. headquarters are in the historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.

Peeple Inc. headquarters are in the historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.



So, What do you do?


1. Help teams find top teammates.


We have what you might call “a deep bench.”  With over 100 years of combined workplace experience within human resources, executive and C-suite management, our Peeple Inc. team have an unparalleled network from which to access candidates and referrals.

We’re devoted to intensive industry and role-specific searches to bring incredible talent and ideal company environments together to create that perfect people fit.

We do our homework, working to understand our clients strategic and long term needs as if they were our own. We apply our detailed sleuthing and selection process to uncover the very best candidates we know to match the exciting new career opportunities we seek to fill. If you’re tired of searching unqualified stacks of “hot resumes” to find a suitable candidate, connect with us and we’ll lead you through a more qualitative process that digs deep to find and get to know the best people available to become your next top achiever. Our aim is to bring you a selection of multiple superstars – all tested, reviewed, approved, and ready to drive your company’s growth!


“We engaged Peeple Inc. for a very important search for our manufacturing business—we were very impressed with the overall ease by which the process was carried out. The process was seamless, from discussing our needs, to securing the candidate and completing the offer with the chosen candidate. We’ll continue to utilize the team at Peeple Inc. for future key hires.”

— Steve Dowsley, Principal- Foxfab Power Solutions


2. Train, empower, and optimize teams.


Professionally hiring and onboarding top talent is just the beginning. We’re fans of ongoing and customized professional development plans that honors each employee’s aspirational growth and enhances business unit performance.

Even excellent teams require ongoing people development to raise their game to new heights. For these scenarios, and everything in-between, we have the tools, people, and training to super-size or supercharge the teams in your business. Strategic planning, leadership and customized training workshops, tools, and solutions can nurture and solidify new teams, or accelerate and tune existing workgroups.


3. Find positions for high-performing jobseekers.


From Key Managers, right up to the C-suite and Advisory Board positions, we work with top organizations and talent who are looking for a new challenge or project to conquer. If you’re the type of individual who’s seeking challenge and opportunity, we’d love to talk. Drop us a line. We’re always interested in meeting high performers and interesting people. We love stories and want to hear yours! 




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