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Coming up. In a big way.


Peeple Inc. is not a thousand people. We’re not a hundred either, and we’re proud of it. While we’re a small team, our size pales in comparison to the depth of our business experience, people knowledge, passion for career growth, and our relentless determination to have customers become raving fans of the services we provide.

Bespoke. Custom. Handmade. Artisanal; that might be how we describe ourselves, but we’re not in the tailoring business. We’re proud to be in the People Business. Call it “strategic talent management”, “people resources”, or “human capital management”, we know what makes people tick. Helping companies find perfectly-matched people, and assisting company teams in becoming industry-leading over-achievers by facilitating strategic people selection, training, and development. Our primary “why” is to help people find and excel in their best team environments.

We help companies build and develop world-class teams and help individuals find ideal work environments that fulfill their career and life needs. Our deeply-held belief is that every single person is ultimately better at something than someone else, and that people are truly any company’s most important asset. Our mission, therefore, is to help all of our partners reach beyond their grasp and help bring people together to create the “best fit” for all involved.


Robert Hunt
President & Founder

Peeple Inc. headquarters are in the historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.

Peeple Inc. headquarters are in the historic Credit Foncier building in Downtown Vancouver.



So, What do you do?


1. Talent Management.


World-class teams are more than just exceptional hiring. Peeple Inc offers a complete set of complimentary talent management services to ensure we serve as a long-term partner, rather than a transactional vendor. This comprehensive suite of Talent Management services are positioned to solve and work through all manner of Human Resources challenges and opportunities. We’ve helped companies develop organizational strategies including redesigning departments and teams, assessing and improving performance, assuring accountability, navigating change and building appropriate compensation programs.

In terms of Executive Recruitment, we focus on Senior Manager, Executive, Chief Management and Advisory/Board roles, while also providing Sales and Marketing candidates. We offer a refined system for screening and presenting only the most applicable, top-performing candidates that fit team needs.  We proudly champion a process that focuses more on finding strategic fits and diving down deep into each to qualify their abilities, character, and emotional intelligence.


2. Train, empower, and optimize teams.


We believe that building a world-class team comprises development for all staff, not just leaders and executives. We offer a broad and comprehensive set of curricula to address the most pressing and important business challenges facing modern businesses.

Although we champion leadership development as exceptionally important, We believe there are opportunities for every team member of an organization to improve and better themselves, and the company as a whole.  

We’re fans of ongoing and customized professional development plans to enhance specific business unit performance or “coaching-in” required skills to boost performance company-wide.


3. Team Development and Coaching.


Our Team Development offerings begin with our Executive Coaching services, which have fast become a popular development program; something Executives and Managers look towards for help in growing and navigating their development. No longer is coaching only a service to modify executive behavior but now is more broadly seen as personalized and individual coaching to better develop Executive thinking and perspectives.

We also have a long history and significant expertise in organizing and facilitating Group Retreats, and Annual Planning sessions for groups and teams.




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