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The Peeple Inc Process

Peeple Inc prides itself on providing an exceptional candidate experience. We treat everyone that takes the time to apply with respect, consideration, understanding, and fairness. Applicants can expect constant, thorough communication, an in-depth evaluation of their background and abilities, complete confidentiality, and our continual care and expertise in matching candidates to roles for the best fit possible.


1. Search


We always have active searches on the go. For some positions, we post a job description, and for others, we keep the role private and seek out candidates. If there aren’t any roles that suit you posted publicly on our site, we encourage you to apply to the Peeple Inc Talent Community.

2. Apply


Apply for a specific job or to our Talent Community by sending us your resume and answering a few questions. No giant forms, no cover letter needed, although you’re welcome to introduce yourself to us.

3. Remote Interviews


We invite select candidates who meet client needs to conduct initial interviews remotely. We utilize both short video questionnaires, phone interviews, and video interviews to verify standout applicants have the appropriate skills, abilities, background, and experience for our client.

4. Assessments


Finding the best fit is what we do. To verify you’re the candidate that will prosper in, and enjoy, their new role, we ask candidates to complete basic personality testing (6-8 minutes).


5. On-Site Interviews


To dig deeper on personality and cultural alignment, we’d like to meet you! Peeple Inc. in-person interviews are usually 45 minutes, and for some candidates, may precede a client interview where you’ll meet your potential future employer.

6. Offer


If it’s a fit, we work with you and our client to conduct reference checks, verify previous employment and education details, and finalize the details of your employment, including contract terms and salary.

7. Commencement


Congratulations! You're off to your new job, and we have no doubt you’ll succeed with your new team. As a Peeple Inc Alumnus, we’ll keep in touch with you via email and social media.


The personal touch you and your coworkers have taken during this screening process is truly wonderful. The job hunting process tends to make one feel like just a number, so thank you for still being one of the few companies that humanizes its applicants!
— Recent Candidate


Recently Filled (We found the best fit!)

We're consistently finding great fits for our clients. Recently, We've placed roles such as these (and many more!). 


June, 2019

Searching for one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies in the green tech space, an applicant that we found from our marketing campaign turned out to be the perfect fit for our Client. Seven weeks to the day, he signed an offer of employment.

July, 2018

Both our clients and candidates love working with us. In this case, a previously-placed candidate referred the successful jobseeker to us, and after numerous interviews, the referal was spot-on: this candidate was an excellent fit.  

May, 2018

Our client was in need of someone to undertake significant human resources challenges including rapidly staffing up new locations. We found an incredible fit in an adjacent industry, and our client hired the first candidate we presented. 

April, 2018

A consumer services startup we work with had reached the point where they needed a manager to oversee and further scale their front-line staff and procedures. We screened hundreds of candidates and found the candidates hire as a result of a large position marketing campaign.



Talent Community

(aka don't see what you're looking for?)

We are always seeking top performers and talented employees for our clients. We place career seekers at the CXO, Director, Manager, and Senior Revenue development levels in all verticals and industries. We also place senior Executives for contract positions or senior Advisory/Board positions. If this fits your profile, and you're looking for a new opportunity, let’s connect soon. We’d love to get acquainted and understand your best fit.