We help companies build and develop world-class teams & help jobseekers find incredible employers.


World-class teams are more than just exceptional hiring.

Peeple Inc offers a complete set of complimentary services to ensure we can serve as a long-term partner for our clients. These services fall under three areas:

Talent Management – Comprising Executive Recruitment, Handbook and Policy Development, Career Transition/Outplacement Services, Compensation Advisory, Organizational Design, Strategic Planning, Compensation Advisory, and general HR Advisory services.

Training - With a modern and constantly updated set of curricula, we strive to bring the most impactful and relevant topics to teams and groups. We champion training around the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Conflict, Team Dynamics, Sales, Time Management, Feedback and more, including bespoke curriculum development.

Team Development - We believe that building a world-class team often begins with a leader, and our Team Development offerings are headlined by our Executive Coaching services and include group retreat design and annual planning.


Talent Management

We have what you might call “a deep bench.” With over 100 years of local and national workplace experience within the human resources realm through to corporate and executive management, the staff at Peeple Inc. have an unparalleled network from which to surface candidates and provide adjacent services.

In terms of Executive Recruitment, we focus on Senior Manager, Executive, Chief Management and Advisory/Board roles, while also providing Sales and Marketing candidates. We offer a refined system for screening and presenting only the most applicable, top-performing candidates that fit team needs.  We proudly champion a process that focuses more on finding strategic fits and diving down deep into each to qualify their abilities, character, and emotional intelligence. A positive candidate experience is at the center of our core beliefs, and we’ve designed our process to be inclusive, humanizing, courteous, professional, and respectful every step of the way. Prospects and applicants are always treated as partners, rather than serialized assets.

We offer a comprehensive selection of consultative and administrative Human Resource Services that span Onboarding to Outplacement, and everything in-between. We’ve also helped companies develop organizational strategies including redesigning departments and teams, assessing and improving performance, assuring accountability, navigating change and building appropriate compensation programs.



We believe that building a world-class team comprises development for all staff, not just leaders and executives. We offer a broad and comprehensive set of curricula to address the most pressing and important business challenges facing modern businesses.

Although we champion leadership development as exceptionally important, “trickle-down training” is about as effective as trickle-down economics. We believe there are opportunities for every team member of an organization to improve and better themselves, and the company as a whole.

We’re fans of ongoing and customized professional development plans to enhance specific business unit performance or “coaching-in” required skills to boost performance company-wide. Even excellent teams require ongoing development to help raise their game to new heights. For these scenarios, and everything in-between, we have the tools, people, and training to supercharge the teams in your business. Strategic planning, leadership and customized training workshops, tools, and solutions can nurture and solidify new teams, or accelerate and tune existing workgroups.

In addition to set-curriculum training, we have significant experience in designing and delivering completely customized training and workshops. We have a significant network of speakers and facilitators from which to draw on, and often design bespoke curricula for our clients.


Team Development

Our Team Development offerings begin with our Executive Coaching services, which have fast become a popular development program; something Executives and Managers look towards for help in growing and navigating their development. No longer is coaching only a service to modify executive behavior but now is more broadly seen as personalized and individual coaching to better develop Executive thinking and perspectives.

We help leaders improve their performance and grow their businesses with strategic coaching and advisory. Through meetings, discussions, exercises, and accountability work, we accelerate the development of executive capabilities, facilitate the growth in confidence needed to advance, and help create actionable plans for success. Our Coaches and advisors have the professional training, work experience, and understanding of the Executive and Management arena to best train key staff to navigate and develop necessary skills.

Sometimes steps forward begin with a retreat. We have years of experience arranging both international and local retreats for teams, executives, managers, and often, their significant others as well. We design retreats to ensure participants come away invigorated, with a clearer sense of purpose, feel more connected to their colleagues and partners, and gain a clearer perspective while building a stronger team. We also commonly facilitate Annual Planning sessions locally, teaching and facilitating strategic group events that help move businesses forward.


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