What We’ve Heard


We have a significant portfolio of completed training, placements, coaching, and assessment for leading companies. We’re honored to have worked with some of the most progressive and forward-thinking organizations in the country. We work with clients across retail, hospitality, aerospace, aviation, finance, construction, manufacturing, logistics, and real estate. For us, the impact of our work doesn’t correspond to the size of the company, and we’re proud to have been of service to young startups, established multinational organizations, and companies of all sizes in-between.


From Executive Search Clients

“We engaged Peeple Inc. for a very important search for our manufacturing business—we were very impressed with the overall ease by which the process was carried out. The process was seamless, from discussing our needs, to securing the candidate and completing the offer with the chosen candidate. We’ll continue to utilize the team at Peeple Inc. for future key hires.”


From Executive Search Candidates

“It's refreshing to have a "real" conversation and to feel fully informed about the role and the personalities involved.  Peeple Inc really took the time to get to know me as a candidate, which was the opposite of the usual search and selection "resume match" service I've experienced elsewhere. Throughout the process I felt like I could connect with Peeple Inc with any questions or concerns, and I could speak candidly at all times.  When you're trying to make a decision on this scale, showing up authentically is a huge comfort. Ongoing support, preparation, following up and guidance has been hugely appreciated.  I was so anxious about making such a big move and Peeple Inc asked some tough, important questions that got my head straight about it all. What I think will set Peeple Inc apart is that from a candidate's perspective it's more than a recruitment service - it's a career facilitation experience.  I've never had one quite like it!”


From Executive Coaching Clients

“Working with Robert Hunt is a privilege; not only is he a consummate professional and excellent leader, he is also a huge personality who genuinely cares about the success of his clients & the people around him. Rob has a natural ability in identifying people’s true strengths – he has helped me discover my purpose in business & life. I would consider my work with Rob a key thrust in advancing professional career.”

“I met Rob Hunt in September of 2015 and work with him monthly to this day. He has inspired and motivated me to much higher levels than I thought attainable. He makes me accountable and confident. My business has felt the positive effects of Rob since our first 1 to 1 meeting. If you are a business owner looking for direction, I can strongly suggest Rob Hunt. Smart, enthusiastic and results oriented. You won’t regret the investment.”

“In working with Rob over the last three years, I've found his capacity to drive to the heart of the matter almost instinctual. In his interviews with my team and I, he's identified key areas that have allowed us to increase the overall performance of the team, and lower turnover.”

From Training Clients

“Rob is awesome! Without a doubt, an experienced and devoted leader. I've truly valued his work ethic, sense of humor, and ability to target issues and provide creative outlooks. Honest and direct, Rob believes in accountability and he ensures his clients are true to themselves, which is the foundation for personal development. His passion for family and people is contagious, and it’s been a real pleasure having him coach our group.”

“I often feel like leadership and professional development courses can be mundane, predictable, and boring. Lyndon's facilitation is the complete anti-thesis to this. He makes topics relatable through the use of personal anecdotes, presents topics in a modern context, and engages attendees in thought provoking exercises that often lead to profound personal revelations.”

“You kept our attention the entire time. We have never had any kind of formal training on how to give feedback before, and most of us have been managers for over 25 years. Thank you.”

“Lyndon facilitated a series of Change Management sessions to prepare and condition our teams to what Change would represent for us. His contribution went far deeper than a facilitator’s role: he supported the teams and engaged with them to ensure that everyone felt part of the process and had a voice.  Lyndon’s professional experience in managing strategy and business requirements allowed the teams to learn about the complexities of Change.  We are grateful for the foundation he has helped us build.”